Highcliffe Short Stories EP03 | Riding the wave

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Highcliffe Short Stories EP03 | Riding the wave

Surfing is about so much more than just catching waves. It’s a way to clear your mind, wash away any stresses you’re carrying and boost your mood.

In our third video of the Highcliffe Short Stories series, we follow a young surfer (or 'grom' as they’re affectionately known in surf culture) as he takes to the waves for the first time.

Surfing at Polzeath
Wavehunters surf lessons at Polzeath Beach

This was filmed at Polzeath Beach - known for its consistent surf which works at all stages of the tide, with left and right handers surf-able all year round. The beach break is an ideal spot for inexperienced surfers of all ages to learn.

Child surfing at Polzeath Beach

Wavehunters, gurus of all things sea adventure, are always on hand at Polzeath for surf lessons. Group and private sessions are available and can be tailored to any ability. Take a look for yourself (and while you’re there, check out their brilliant sea safaris).

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