About Highcliffe

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Our Story

Highcliffe is a family run business, with a deep love, connection and history with this part of North Cornwall. Our dream was that Highcliffe could enable other families and friends to experience the beauty of this special place for generations to come. Somewhere to return to time and time again.

The Team


Rob is the creator & owner of Highcliffe. It's his vision that has got us here today. He is passionate about the landscaping and planting, and when he's not tending to the grounds, you'll find him out on the water sailing!


Becca manages Highcliffe alongside her father, Rob. She's a keen runner and you'll often find her galavanting around the coast path early in the morning.


Katrina runs the office and makes sure your stay runs smoothly. Using her organisational skills, she also coordinates the local Brownies Pack.


Adam is our general handyman and gardener, attending to all the little jobs needed to ensure you have the perfect stay. Often found riding around on Rob's old Massey Ferguson tractor, and nearly always with a cheeky smile!


Tom assists Adam in the gardens, ensuring that everything is looking sweet for your stay.


Phil is our fully qualified electrician and is on hand to tend to all our maintenance needs.

Mel from Highcliffe Holidays sits on a bench with a mug of tea.


Mel looks after our accounts here at Highcliffe & helps Katrina with the bookkeeping during the busy times & peak seasons.

Our History

Rob was born into a farming family here in Trebetherick, his father having returned home to a quieter life on the farm after WWII. Rob remembers the cars queuing to park at Polzeath, spilling eager families onto the beach, and hearing the squeals of happy children rock pooling or surfing on wooden surfboards. He remembers towing stranded cars out of the sand with his father’s grey Ferguson tractor - a highlight of the school holidays. It was here on the family farm that Rob built Highcliffe, so that families could continue to enjoy the Cornish coast.

Then roller into roller curled
And thundered down the rocky bay,
And we were in a water world
Of rain and blizzard, sea and spray,
And one against the other hurled
We struggled round to Greenaway.
Blesséd be St Enodoc, blesséd be the wave,
Blesséd be the springy turf, we pray, pray to thee,
Ask for our children all happy days you gave
To Ralph, Vasey, Alistair, Biddy, John and me.

- Excerpt from 'Trebetherick' by John Betjeman