Highcliffe Short Stories EP04 | Explore the estuary

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Highcliffe Short Stories EP04 | Explore the estuary

Get a new perspective on the Cornish coast with a high-speed boat trip around the Camel Estuary and beyond.

Filmed in partnership with our friends at Wavehunters, in this episode we jump aboard one of their boats and join a sea safari tour to explore some of the stunning coastline around us here at Highcliffe.

The boat trips run by Wavehunters give passengers the chance to cruise along the seas, explore the hidden coves and spot some of the wildlife that helps to make the north Cornish coastline so special.

A tour on the boat will include an adrenalin-pumping high-speed cruise along the coastline as well as plenty of time spent bobbing along looking for wildlife and exploring the hidden coves and harbours that characterise the north coast. Throughout the trip, your skipper will be able to share some local knowledge and fill you in on where and what wildlife to look for, the notable local landmarks, or the best places for a swim.

For more information about the different boat trips available from Wavehunters and how you can explore the waters around Highcliffe for yourself, visit their website: https://www.wavehunters.co.uk/

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