Highcliffe Short Stories EP05 | Discover Padstow

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Highcliffe Short Stories EP05 | Discover Padstow

Padstow, a town best known for its idyllic harbour, fishing heritage and world-class food offerings is just a short ferry ride away.

This episode of the Highcliffe Short Stories follows a couple as they make their way across the river from Rock to Padstow and spend their day exploring the bustling streets and taking in the sights. 

Padstow is a 30-minute drive away (with no traffic) from Highcliffe, with the journey taking you through Wadebridge, the nearest river crossing. To save on the hassle of traffic and parking, and for a pleasant walk along the coast, we recommend those staying at Highcliffe hop aboard the ferry at Rock. Just £3 a ticket for adults, the short trip has to be the best way to arrive in the harbour town.

Once in the town, we recommend you spend some time wandering the streets and soaking it all in. A variety of shops stock everything you could need for your holiday, from a new sailing jacket to a piece of art to commemorate your stay.

Known for its food, Padstow has plenty of options for you to choose from. For a quick and easy lunch, it has to be either a pasty or some fish and chips, either of which is best enjoyed whilst sat on the harbour.

For a sit-down meal, we recommend shopping around and seeing which menu takes your fancy. With Rick Stein, Paul Ainsworth and Prawn on the Lawn all in town, there’s no shortage of choice for top-quality dining. 

Book your stay at Highcliffe and discover the best that Cornwall has to offer. 

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