What's on in May

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A mini guide to what's on in May

May is one of the most best months to visit Cornwall. Firstly, we welcome the official start to summer on May 1st, which we are all extremely excited about. And secondly, two bank holidays... perfect for long weekends spent by the coast. We've cherrypicked just a few things you can do here in May, but of course the list is endless!

Obby Oss Festival, Padstow 1st May

Padstow’s May Day is one of Cornwall’s oldest traditions, which takes place on the 1st of May every year. Finding its roots in pagan traditions, the Obby Oss festival is a celebration of Beltane, a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of summer.

The town is decorated with flags and flora buzzing with Padstow locals singing and dancing with accompanying drums and accordions all following one of the two osses through the streets & alleyways.

The water taxi runs from Rock all day and night, so you can easily hop across the estuary to join in the fun.

Art Exhibition, Rock - Until 7th May

Projects Twenty Two has recently launched with exhibition Kaleidoscope, showcasing contemporary art from eleven artists from Cornwall working across a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and assemblage.

Projects Twenty Two

Bluebell Festival, Enys Gardens, 4-13th

There are many gardens and walks in Cornwall with stunning displays of bluebells, but Enys Gardens, a privately run estate with a 1,000 acres of woodland, gardens and meadows to explore is most famous for its bluebells in their Parc Lye meadow, which is easily the size of a football pitch. You can also stroll through the rest of their beautiful grounds, including the walled garden, woodlands and orchards.

Enys House is also open showcasing an art exhibition from 10 Cornish artists, and the cafe serves an excellent lunch and cream tea!

Enys Gardens

Yoga retreat, Highcliffe 17 - 20th May

Looking to unwind before the summer season kicks off? Enjoy a 3 night retreat at Highcliffe Sophie Gordon, chef and author of ‘The Whole Vegetable’ cookbook and yoga teacher Rebecca Bradley. Expect 3 nourishing meals cooked daily by Sophie, and a relaxed itinerary of yoga practice, sea swims and walking. The perfect pre-summer reset.

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Prideux Walled Garden, Padstow

Nestled in the heart of Padstow is Prideux walled garden, which has been lovingly restored after 30 years of closure. Now, a beautiful garden with a focus on regenerating the soil health and inviting nature in with pollinator-friendly naturalistic planting. Within the garden is a beautiful stone Bothy, offering delicious food using produce from the garden, on a daily changing blackboard menu. Keep an eye out for any interesting workshops that they host too.

Prideux Walled Garden