Stacy Weeks - A Movement Specialist + Pilates Teacher

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A brand new Pilates class starting in March with Stacy Weeks

Having recently moved back home to Cornwall, Stacy has bought her award winning Pilates studio with her, and will start teaching her mat classes at Highcliffe in March. Alongside her own teaching, she is faculty in training for BASI Pilates and an associate of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, and is a renowned movement specialist! We caught up with Stacy to hear more…

Firstly, welcome back to Cornwall! We’re really looking forward to welcoming you to the studio in March. When did you first discover Pilates?

Thank you, it is really good to be back home and I can't wait to teach in the studio, it's beautiful! I discovered Pilates at university during my dance degree, and wasn't keen on it, but I got into it more seriously about 14 years ago. A car accident I was involved in was the prompt to become a teacher.

How did it help you?

I found my own strength and was able to have a dance career in my 30s, and now in my 40's my body is the fittest it's ever been. But, I would never have become a teacher based on the Pilates I'd experienced in the past.

An osteopath I was seeing post accident suggested I did Pilates, despite my resistance to it I went along to a local class, and still hated it! I was just a number in a large group of people, no correction, the instructor didn't even get the health form from reception so she had no idea of the injuries in my body. I went back to my osteopath, told her it was rubbish and she suggested I train to become a teacher. So I did! I enjoyed the training and decided that my previous experience of Pilates was not how I wanted to run my business. No one would be just a number.

Our bodies are designed to move. As a movement specialist, what are you focusing on?

Exactly that, getting the body to move well for life. Pain, injury and poor performance strip us of our power to enjoy life and achieve what we know we are capable of. My job is to help people rediscover that power, regardless of whether that’s a professional athlete or someone who just wants to get out of bed without help.

You’ve worked with Olympic athletes, film and TV industry as well as royalty! How does your approach change with each client?

We all start at the beginning. Obviously goals are different, aesthetics, performance and health all have different requirements. But everyone needs the fundamentals of understanding about how their body works. I assess where that level is and go from there to help them achieve the goal. Often in sport you're a part of a wider performance team, so you have to ensure your part is complimenting the rest.

As a specialist in clinical rehab, you work closely with people who are recovering from injury, hip replacements and more! What training was involved to become an associate of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists?

The basic Pilates qualifications don't equip you to work with these populations.

I've completed extensive training covering injuries and pathologies supplementary to my initial Pilates training and work directly with GPs, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths designing referral programmes. The large apparatus I use also helps, as it is more supportive, but not necessarily easier, than the mat.

This must be very rewarding - what do you most enjoy about your work?

I do, I love my job! But seeing someone find their power is a beautiful thing. They speak clearly, they walk taller, think more confidently, perform better, move with ease and start enjoying life again. Empowered people glow!

Will your mat classes at Highcliffe be suitable for all abilities?

My fundamental classes will, however if someone has an injury or pathology that might not allow them to fully participate, a studio session or two would be more appropriate before joining a class. As people progress they will also be invited to join an intermediate or above class, but everyone starts in fundamental, and everyone is challenged.

And what can people expect from your classes?

They're dynamic and strength based, paced to the individuals attending and highly corrective. If people want to see me do the class they can find me on YouTube! My existing clients say they always feel like I'm with them on a journey, guiding them…In the words of one of my friends, I don't do boring Pilates.

Will you offer 1-1 classes too?

I offer studio and duet sessions from my fully equipped home Pilates studio in St Merryn working with reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, spine corrector and ladder barrel.

Thanks Stacy! We'll see you on the mat.

To see the full timetable and to book a class, head to the Facilities page of our website. All classes are booked with the teacher direct.